Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just a Quick Hello....

Well, I've done it!  I've finally set up my own blog! I always saw people in the movies and on commercials -- you know you've seen them -- that talk about going home and blogging about their night.  I always thought to myself, "huh....do people really do that?"  Well, since I'm here doing almost the same thing, I guess the answer to that is....Yes.

So, as it says in my "About Me" section, I don't read "sappy" books.  Quite frankly, they bore me.  There isn't enough action and really....life just doesn't happen that way.  It's messy and I like it that way.  The Girl doesn't always get The Guy and bad things do happen.  I want to read a book that makes me laugh, wanna cringe because I'm on the edge of my seat and has some Romance to it.  I like your classic vamp novels.  I like PNR, Urban Fantasy, Thrillers, Mysteries, etc.....You see where I'm going here, don't ya? 

Now, there are times when I like a softer book; a historical romance, for example.  Anything with a Highlander....ok....just yumm!!!!  Those Highlanders sure know how to rock your socks when they're talking to you with that accent....Scottish, Irish.....I love 'em.

So, now that you kinda see what I'm about, what I like to read, how my "tone" may be throughout different posts, maybe you'll pull up your chair, get out your books, cookbooks and just your humor and let's chat! 

I'm happy to have you visit my site.  Please, feel free to give me feedback.  I am so very new at this and if you do it in a respectful, kind way, all feedback is appreciated!

Hope to hear a hello from somebody soon!

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