Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Join Us

Hello Goddesses,

We have some super special guests joining us for our redesign party. I won’t mention names but they have wrote Arco, Demonica, Mythic, Chosen by Blood, Gabriel's Inferno, Soul Reborn, Granite Lake Wolves, Never Tempt Danger, Accidentals Series, Heavenly, Introducing Sociolinguistics, Tons of giveaways lots of fun make sure you come join us. *Looking at Kim * What? I didn’t say their names.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

*Sneaking On Again* teeheehee

Here is a crazy easy cookie to make.


1 1/2 c sugar
1 1/4 c egg beaters
small box pudding mix (any flavor)
1 c peanut butter OR cream cheese
4 packs of instant oatmeal
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 c milk
2 c self raising flour

Mix all wet ingredients in a large bowl slowly add oatmeal and flour

Bake 350* 13 to 16 minutes
***Note*** These cookies do not raise that much so the amount of dough placed on cookie sheet will be a little bigger then when cooked

Hope you like these they are one of my fave cookies

Bake On Goddesses Truly Yours Shauni

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Look what a gorgeous job KLB Virtual Events has done! Thank you Larissa! Bookmarks have also been ordered.  We have a HUGE lineup of some very awesome authors, up and coming authors, cover artists, jewelry artists and KLB for the big launch PARTAY!

Shauni and I are so excited to get started but we think it will be best to wait until after Thanksgiving to give everybody a chance to spend time with their families.  So, check us out after Thanksgiving (probably the beginning of December) for the beginning of the PARTAY!

We have a cookbook, SWAG, our newly designed bookmarks, some great bookmarks from Stupid Shiny Designs, some great all-natural bracelets that we've made and some surprises here and there, I'm sure!

We'll keep you updated on here and on Twitter.  Be sure to follow Shauni on Twitter, you can find her link on the right hand column.

We'll be back before Thanksgiving to post some more recipes ANNNNND Larissa Ione's Immortal Rider comes out this month! SQUEEEEE!!! It's Limos's book!

Make sure to let the ladies at KLB Virtual Events know if you like the new design.  You can find them at @KLBVirtualEvnts on Twitter and here with this link.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update on redesign by KLB Virtual Events

Hi Ya'll!
Just thought I'd stop in and say Hello!  I see Shauni has been "sneaking in" and posting some yummy recipes!!! Let me tell you those pumpkin cookies are TO DIE FOR!! I was going to take pictures to post but I never got that far.....they were eaten almost before I could ice them! AND That icing is.......are there any words for something that yummy? Cream cheese icing?? Really? OMG!  A touch of lemon zest and WOW!!!

Anyway! We're waiting on the final drafts from KLB Virtual Events to go live with the blog and the super special things we have planned for you! We have some AWESOME authors and artists lined up!  LOTS AND LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS!

Larissa from KLB has OUTDONE herself designing the blog and the bookmarks.  Tigris and Miss Kitty are awesome to work with!  I Haven't had the pleasure of working with Belles but if Larissa, Tigris and Miss Kitty are any indication, she's just as wonderful!  If you need a blog redesign, bookmarks, trading cards, SWAG, Virtual Journeys/Tours, please go see them!  They are so amazing!!!

They also have several blogs for different age groups, 18+, teens and kids.  Ya'll stop by and see how wonderful they are!

Hopefully, we'll see you soon with some super amazing talent and some super fun interviews, guest posts and giveaways!!!

If you are an author/artist or have anything to do with the business of publishing, designing or writing books and would like to join our fun event, please get in touch with either me, Kimberly, or Shauni.

Keep Reading Dearhearts!