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Carnival Hop with Soul Reborn by Jean Murray

It's time for the Carnival Blog Hop! Jean Murray and I have gotten together to get you some pretty cool prizes. The prizes will go to ONE winner. (Details below).

Hi Jean, since this is a carnival inspired blog hop I thought we'd have a little fun with the interview rather than some of the normal questions. Thank you so much for doing this with me! It has been so much fun!
Bakin_Goddess: The first book in your series has to do with Egyptian Mythos. I see that (in a carnival setting) as snake charmers and such. How do you think Egyptian Mythos would fit into a Carnival scene?
Jean: Actually, Ancient Egyptians would celebrate the changing of the seasons (3 carnivals per year), the largest of which was a 5-day carnival during the rising of the Dog Star in July. They would have grand celebrations. I don’t know what their carnivals looked like 3-5000 years ago, but if we could have one today with modern twist, it would probably have Astrological and Tarot card readings, snake charming, belly dancing. Maybe, a Duat (Underworld) Fun House. The ride can take you through the Underworld with all its perils on your journey to the Afterlife. Guess the Deity Booth. It’s fun to think about anyways.

Bakin_Goddess: In a little promotion of your book, tell us a little about your favorite part of the book.
Jean: Boy, to pick just one. If I have to choose one it would be the scene where Asar strands Lilly in the Underworld for her own protection. Lilly, the control freak that she is, decides to find transportation back to the human realm behind Asar’s back. She finds herself in over her head at an orgy dressed in her huntress uniform of tight black leather and bladed steel. Needless to say the warriors think Lilly and Kit are the night’s entertainment. I’ll stop there. Do I dare mention she gets caught? I like it because it is funny and tense all at the same time.

Bakin_Goddess: Ok, Miss Jean -- are you ready for the quick shot questions??? Take a deep breath.....Here we go!!! You have to answer these just off the top of your head!

1. Meat and potatoes or Salad and veggies?
Meat and potatoes, hands down. That’s what my brain tells me anyway. My waist line? Well…

2. Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew? Diet or Regular?
I prefer diet Pepsi, but since that isn’t one of the choices I’ll go with diet Mountain Dew. I drank tons of the stuff trying to stay awake on nightshifts in the ICU. I don’t think I slept a wink after those nights.

3. Rock 'n Roll or country?
I’m a rock and roll kind of girl. Although, I do like some of the main street country. It’s good to keep an open mind.

4. What character in any book do you most connect with?
I have to pick one of my characters of course. Well, how about three. I love my Carrigan sisters, Lilly, Kit and Kendra. There is a little of me in each one. Lilly is very focused, but head strong—which can be great attribute, sometimes. As you will see in Soul Reborn, Lilly’s stubbornness is her best attribute, but often gets her in over her head. Kit is as sassy as they come. My husband tells me my sarcastic wit is endearing, up to a point. Kendra is shy and innocent. In that respect, I still like to see the good in people and assume the best until proven otherwise.

5. Favorite dessert & do you bake? What?!! They don't call me the Bakin_Goddess for nothin'!!!
Anything chocolate with peanut butter. I love to make brownies with peanut butter chips. OMG, to die for. Halloween? I go straight for the Reese’s cups.

6. Tarot cards or palm reading?
My palms are pretty bland, so I would say Tarot cards. I’ll be honest. I was never much into fortune telling. Are you ready for the big until? Until I went to AAD convention in 2009. They were doing readings using various mediums. I decided to do it for fun and by chance sat down at the tarot card table. The reader was a fellow author that I had never met before. Want to know my fortune? She said I had a very old soul with that came wisdom. (okay, pretty general). She also said that in two years my life would change dramatically and my efforts at writing would finally pay off in a publishing contract. At the time I thanked her kindly and went on my way. Well, here it is two years later and my book released in April 2011. She was either a pretty good guesser or she was dead on in her prediction.

7. Are you superstitious at all?
My coworkers in the hospital would always get mad at me when I used the dreaded “Boy, it’s quiet.” They would be knocking on every wood surface they could find. I always told myself, “It’s what you make it.” Here it comes… BUT, I have to say working in the ER on a full moon, well that’s a different story. Something about that glowing round ball in the night sky makes people go loony.

8. How do you think the pyramids were built?
Oh, you are really testing me now. First let me say, however it was done it was an amazing feat beyond our comprehension. Although it seems impossible with the tools and technology of the period, I believe there is nothing humans can’t achieve with
the right combination of fortitude, dedication and sacrifice. Five thousand years from now, anthropologists will look back on our culture and wonder how we achieved space flight, medical therapies, modes of transportation etc…

Thank you for some really cool answers and for putting so much energy into making this a great stop on the Carnival Blog Hop!

Send Ms. Murray a warm welcome over at her blog or her website.

Use This Link To Purchase Soul Reborn.

Asar, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, has been tortured and left soulless by a malevolent goddess, relegating him to consume the very thing he was commissioned to protect. Human souls. Now an empty shell of hatred, Asar vows to kill the goddess and anyone involved in her release, but fate crosses his path with a beautiful blonde huntress who has a soul too sweet to ignore.

Lilly, fearless commander of the Nehebkau huntresses, is the only things standing in the way of the goddess' undead army unleashing hell on earth. But Lilly has a secret--one she is willing to sell her soul to keep. If the Underworld god discovers her role in the dig that released the goddess, she will lose everything, including his heart.
I just want to say, thank you so much for the interview! I'm going to go bake something now that I've got so much nervous energy! What do you guys think? Awesome huge chocolate chip cookies? A Cake? Brownies? Heck....maybe I'll do it all!


Make sure you leave your e-mail address so that I am able to get in touch with you. The winner has 72 hours to respond to my e-mail after being notified or another winner will be drawn. Winners will be chose via the Goddess.

1. An E-book of Soul Reborn by Jean Murray
2. A set of Egyptian-style Tarot cards.

3. A book thong by the talented Stupid Shiny Designs
4. A Full-size Scentsy Burner (Style is Margot) with a scent bar of my choice (click on name of burner for link to purchase more Scentsy products)

Again, thank you to Jean Murray for being so generous.

Since I don't know how to list all the linkies for you, here is the link to Pure Imagination Blog who is hosting the Hop (All the linkies are right there).

Comments are closed now. Thank you all for stopping by and I appreciate all your kind words! Jean and I will be announcing the winner as soon as I can tally up all the comments and the Goddess does her thing so be watching your in box. I will also announce the winner in a new post!

To Jean Murray, You have been a delight to work with! I wish all blog hosts could be so lucky! Thank you for your time and your generosity!

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My new German Shepherd Babies LOOK AT THESE FACES!!!

So, the book hop starts at midnight and Ms. Jean Murray and I have an awesome giveaway coming up for you including a copy of her book (in E-format) Soul Reborn. I haven't read it yet (I just got it in the mail -- I won it in a contest YIPPEEE). I hear it is AWESOME THOUGH!! It's based on Egyptian Mythos, a world that isn't delved into much at all. (is "delved" a word or did I just make that up -- if I did, Webster owes me money....or my English teacher is going to give me a very STERN talking to -- ha ha ha). Anyway, with so much emphasis put on Greek mythos I wanted to show you my new babies....yes, named after a couple of well-known Gods. Ares and Thanatos. Ares is the black and tan Shepherd and Thanatos is the sable Shepherd (lighter one). They are precious aren't they???

Hope you think they are as special and sweet as I do. I can't wait until they get to my house! They're with a very special lady who takes such good care of their parents, here in Texas.

Hope you join us for some great giveaways starting at midnight (hint -- Soul Reborn, Egyptian Tarot cards, book thong by the very talented Mandy at Stupid Shiny Designs {see post below} and from my very own Scentsy lady {link to come} an AWESOME full-size Scentsy burner with a bar of scent).....TRUST ME... You want all of these. Only ONE lucky winner will get the stash!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another book from a previous hop....

This book looks so interesting to me. It's called "Show Me How". Again, I haven't read the book yet but I wanted everybody to be able to see or possibly win this book. Givewaway ends April 25, 2011.

To get to the blog hop, just click on the name of the book above and it will take you to Ms. Vivian Kirkfield's blog.

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"Some Secrets Hurt"

I have not read this book yet but I will. I am "hopping" around for the Easter Hop and have seen this book on here twice now. So I thought I would share with my friends -- I can call you my friends right?

It isn't a subject that you would think to go with Easter but it is a subject that goes with EVERY DAY! Please, take a look at the poster below and visit the website. I believe strongly in this cause, for personal reasons.

I know its HUGE but I don't know how to make it smaller -- at least those of us with poor eyesite can see it better -- ha ha!

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Friday, April 22, 2011


When I have nothing to watch --- sometimes things on TV (even for background noise) are just CRAP -- I go through what I have on my DVR.....and always....always....always....I turn to Practical Magic!

I have to say that my all time favorite movie is Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The aunts are wonderfully casted. I haven't had the pleasure of reading the book that this movie was based upon because I'm scared it will ruin the movie for me......I know.... How can a BOOK ruin a MOVIE? I'm sure it will do nothing but enhance what I already know and give me information I should know.

Love the beginning of the movie where the little black kitten is on the table while they're having lunch outside. Love the way Sally sends out a spell for "the perfect man" that isn't supposed to exist.

The energy of this movie is ..... I just LOVE it! The music is awesome. The Aunt's costumes are so creatively perfect! I find myself wanting to be one of them. Can you believe one of the Aunts was Rizzo from Grease?????

What is your favorite movie and why?

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PS -- Stay tuned for a "Your favorite recipe" Contest....details coming!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bookish Type: Giveaways

The Bookish Type: Giveaways: "Giveaway Policy: Winners will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond with their mailing info before a new winner is selected.

This blog has some of the best YA giveaways I've seen! If you have a teenager in the house or just love to read YA, stop over and see them. They have wonderful reviews on upcoming books!

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Book Thongs Made For Your Favorite Book Character!

I received a book thong from Stupid Shiny Designs because I won it from a blog hop. I was looking through her designs (I had found her Etsy shop prior) and thought how pretty they were.

When I received my book thong, not only was I surprised by how pretty it actually was, I was surprised by the weight of it. Its perfect for keeping your place in your favorite books! Stylish, fun and really creative! Mandy does a great job with these and puts a lot of thought and energy into making them, and it shows!

I purchased 3 more just the other day and will be giving one away on my next Blog Hop or contest.

Really, Mandy is extremely nice and the customer service is outstanding! Stop by her Etsy Shop and look at how beautiful her designs are. The one I received from being the winner of a blog hop was John Michael's from BDB. It is fabulous!

Mandy's book thongs are very affordable. I haven't a clue where she finds the charms that she uses (along with the beads) but what she finds correlates directly with the main character of the book. She has several different series and, if I'm not mistaken, she will even do custom requests (don't take my word on that -- you'll have to contact Mandy).

Swing by and visit Mandy's shop -- Stupid Shiny Designs. She's got some great stuff!

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Monday, April 18, 2011


Ms. Danielle Gorman!!!

This came straight from the Goddess.....

Congratulations Danielle. I have sent you an e-mail. You have 48 hours to respond before the Goddess is going to choose another winner!!

Congratulations again! I have sent you an e-mail. When I get your information, I will forward that to Ms. Virna DePaul!!!

Stay tuned everybody, there will be more giveaways coming!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden-Fresh Cookbook {Giveaway} 3 Winners

The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden-Fresh Cookbook {Giveaway} 3 Winners

In Order to get to the giveaway, please click link just above this line. This will take you to Leslie Loves Veggies Blog.

I have to say that, after reading the review, looking at the website and reading a bit about this cookbook.....I WANT IT!!!! Isn't it PRETTY??!!!

Seriously.... my sister and her husband are farmers and I'm sure she has this (I don't know for sure) but we make my granddaughters baby food with fresh vegetables and fruits. I would love to grow them and this cookbook will give you an idea on how to start your own garden.

I'm so excited about this cookbook -- I have a TON of cookbooks AND have already culled through and given a lot away!!!

You should check out this link. Read the review. There is a giveaway of 3 of these books by the publisher (I believe its the publisher).....truthfully, I was so enamored by the cookbook that it was all I could see....the book, the review......and of course, Leslie Loves Veggies is a GREAT blog site!!!

Stop on by Leslie Loves Veggies (via the link above -- The description under this blog post title) for a visit!

Please, while you're here, join me via GFC and give me your thoughts (in the comment section) about this cookbook -- if you have it, if you want it....whatever you want to say. I really love this book!!!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Review & Giveaway of A Vampire's Salvation; A Beyond Human Novella By Virna DePaul

I received this e-novella from Ms. DePaul because I RSVP'd to a video chat with her and Larissa Ione. I know!!! Fun RIGHT??!!! I'm VERY Excited!

A Vampire's Salvation was a fast read. I was hooked from the very first sentence. I've been having a hard time getting into books lately. I just go through that sometimes. I think Vampire's Salvation broke that "reader's block" for me! Look at this cover!!! HAWT!!!!!

Ms. DePaul didn't waste any time in getting into the romance. Frankie, you learn in the beginning, has suffered a traumatic experience and has been celibate for a long time. That, however, has not kept her from fantasizing about Jacob and WOW does she fantasize!

When he finally lets her know he has caught her numerous times "checking him out", they waste no time in agreeing to what she thinks is just a sexual relationship. She does not realize what is at "stake" (yes, all pun was intended) for Jacob if he reaches his 201st year of life without his true mate.

Francesca (Frankie) and Jacob burn up the sheets and he is so very careful and tender with her because of her tragic past. I'm not going to divulge what that past is because I want you to read this novella. It is STEAMY!! On top of that, Ms. DePaul tells a loving story between two characters. There is a point when Frankie doubts Jacob's advances (yes, after the tangle in the sheets); however, when she finds out why he had to leave her bed without even a kiss, she realizes life is too short… to speak.

This novella isn't all about steamy sex though. There is suspense. There is intrigue. There is everything you want and need in a full novel.

This novella left me wanting more. I want to know more about Frankie and Jacob. I want to know more about the people involved in the traumatic experience Frankie had when she was 17. Was it all a big conspiracy? That question brings us back to the Prologue that sucked me into the novella in the first place.

If I were to rate this novella I would give it 4 stars. The only thing I missed was knowing more about each of the characters but hopefully we'll get to visit them again and learn more about who they are and how they grew to be the people they are today.

Thank you Ms. DePaul for giving me the chance to review this Novella, my first blog review!

Please read what Amazon has to say about A Vampire's Salvation below (After all the giveaway info, of course).

Ms. Virna DePaul has been kind enough to give one winner a copy of the A Vampire's Salvation ebook, PLUS a mug from her upcoming Para-Ops novel, Chosen By Blood, filled with chocolate!

Seriously?! Who can resist a steamy novella, a mug from her upcoming new novel filled with chocolate? Hello!!!! Sex AND chocolate!!!!

1. The only thing I require is you follow me on GFC AND Networked blogs (both on left side of page) & leave a comment telling me that you did. (1 Entry)
2. Requirement #2 -- Go see Ms. Virna DePaul on her Facebook page and "friend/like" her and tell me that you did in your comment. (1 Entry)
3. And because this is my first giveaway, I'll make it easy on all of us -- 1 extra entry, tell me If you were a "turned" shifter and the full moon came and POP there you are a bunny, what would you do? (1 Entry -- just for my amusement).

One Winner will be chosen by Random.Org -- That winner has 48 hours to respond. If there is no response, another winner will be chosen via Random.Org. Again, Thank you to Ms. Virna DePaul for supplying the awesome giveaway!!!


Don't forget! There are lots of blogs on the Hop (listed at the very bottom of my blog) start hopping!

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From Amazon:
Jacob La Costa Rios is the head of the California governor’s security team; he’s also a vampire who wants the governor, a presidential hopeful, to support the peaceful integration of vampires into human society. Unfortunately, there are others who oppose Jake’s plan. Plus, Jake’s a little distracted by discovering his one true mate, the human female who can give him everything he’s always wanted: love, children, and continuing immortality.

Francesca Marie Stewart is the governor’s “go-green” political consultant. Although she’s been attracted to Jake from day one, her priority is her career and protecting her heart. But then Jake blatantly propositions her and Frankie, who hasn’t experienced sexual intimacy since she was seventeen-years-old, decides it’s time to take what she wants—within reason.

No matter—once Jake makes love to Frankie, he knows reason will be the farthest thing from her mind. Then he just has to eliminate the person threatening her, reveal the fact he’s a vampire, and convince her that trusting him will bring both of them eternal happiness.

And -- blah blah blah, disclaimer about my own opinion no matter how I received the book and all that know the drill!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing...A good thing/A great thing...A rant coming up....

I am all for saving a buck and I use coupons. In fact, my daughter is trying to be an "extreme couponer" (yes! that's a word. I just made it up) and we have had several conversations on this subject. I will now share them with you. This has become something that people who have "hoarding tendancies" are able to cripple themselves with. Those who do not have "hoarding tendancies" seem to be "stockpiling"......I know! I know! This is JUST my view and my opinion (and we all know what opinions are worth).

At any rate, I am fully supportive of individuals who cut coupons to save money, even to the point of what they are now terming "extreme couponing". What I am NOT supportive of is people who are stocking up on these things like they are pirates treasure. On one of the shows I glanced at, one person had rows and rows of Maalox bottles (it may have been another product....does it really matter WHAT the product was?) The fact of the matter was, unless she and everybody in her family has chronic ulcers, those items will expire long before they will ever be used. This seems to be a trend for some of these "extreme couponers". Notice my wording there -- THIS SEEMS TO BE A TREND FOR SOME OF THESE "EXTREME COUPONERS".

This is what I am proposing....For those of you who are "stockpiling" items such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, health and beauty items and yes....even some of the food you and your family may not eat....Take some of those items and put them in baskets give them as housewarming gifts, wedding shower gifts, off to college gifts -- that kind of thing. Here is where I believe your extreme couponing can do some real help in our depleting economy. Especially for some of those individuals who have fallen upon rough times -- look at our men and women in our Armed Forces. They are fighting for our country all the while worrying about what their families are going to survive on while you have the means to help them.

Yes, I know you have worked HARD to amass this collection of "things" that you are so proud of. Heck! I would be too. The thing about it is, there are Women's Shelters, Homeless Shelters, Churches, Food Banks and all kinds of charities that will take the items (as long as they aren't out of date) and pass them to people who can use them.

So, you're obviously very good with math so let's work this out. Obviously, you, in a month, can get (lets just say) $1500 worth of groceries and other toiletries/health & beauty items for a paultry $100. If you've done this over a year or more, 6 months or even 3 months you have amassed a plethera of items that can be donated if you or your family aren't using them. Seriously, if you can get 30 bottles of shampoo for 10 cents each in one month and you've done this for approximately 3 months, you've got somewhere in the vacinity of 90 bottles of shampoo.

There is thing called Karma -- I won't get into it but you know what it is. If you want to go another direction with this thought, you can say "Give unto others as you would have them give unto you."

These kindnesses will be payed back to you 3-fold. Everything comes back to you my friends. If you're having such wonderful luck couponing, share that luck with someone who is "down on their luck." If you're affiliated with a church of any kind, go to them, they will point you in the right direction. They will probably know of a specific family that truly needs the help. that I've gotten that off my chest...Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and.....

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Friday, April 8, 2011



Review of Children's Book: Shoe-La-La by Karen Beaumont, LeUyen Pham

This is an awesome 40-page hardback book. The dust jacket is beautifully done with sparkly embossing (if that's the tight word). The text of the book rhymes and has an amazingly cute storyline about girls and their shoes, going to a shoe store and making a mess of the store after having a ton of fun trying to decide which pair of shoes would look best with which "outfit". When I got this book in the mail (that I won in a blog contest), I read it to my 7-month-old granddaughter and she was mesmerized by the colors and the brilliantly thought-out whimsical illustrations.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read to any girl (young or old). It brought a huge smile to my face as well while I read it to her.

If I were to rate this book I would give it 4.5 stars. This is one book you must pick up.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My New Blog Design!

Well, I found this new blog design and LOVE it! Tell me what you think.  I'm getting back into reading again (had to stop for a little while because of eye issues) and yes, I am going to FINISH) Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning.  When I do, watch out, here come some real book reviews and my normal "book a day" reading schedule - (hopefully).  I do plan on starting my children's books as well - these pesky little characters won't stop banging around in my brain.

Please comment and tell me what you think of the new blog design.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A CoFA Giveaway/Awesome pen by Very Cool Jewelry Designer, Viviane Hebel, and a chance to Give Back!

Hi Everybody!
I am really psyched about this giveaway.  It's NOT mine but I found a link to it on Twitter and it's just awesome.

First, you will have a chance to win a pen designed by the awesome jewelry artist Viviane Hebel and on top of that Cassandra Clare's City Of Fallen Angels.

If you visit Viviane's Etsy Site and make a purchase, some of the proceeds will go to Reading is Fundamental.  You can read all about it in the awesome blog by the great Paperback Dolls!

Excuse just the link to their site.  I'm new at this but PLEASE visit their site! It's amazing!!!

Paperback Dolls: Interview and Giveaway with The Mortal Instruments Jewelry designer- Viviane Hebel

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Contemplating a Giveaway

So, I'm contemplating a giveaway.  The problem there is a horrible echo....there is nobody here to give anything away to.  I, sadly, have no followers, yet.  I will fix that problem soon enough though, I'm sure of it.

Now.....on to what to give away.  I have books.  Some slightly used.  Some new.  I have cookbooks....I LOVE to bake!  Have I mentioned that?  It's amazing what therapy it can be.  Let me get in a mood with some baking ingredients and in a few hours I have made the house smell divine!!!  The neighbors adore it.  My sister-in-law loves it.  My's a love-hate relationship.  She loves it but hates what it does to her hips.  My mother and I are always up for some good baking.  My dad always wanted me to bake for him.

So....Do I offer up some of my favorite recipes???? Ones that I have tweaked until they are just so good you can't stand it.  Like Cowboy cookies....or the Best Ever Big Chocolate Chip Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie Bars.....

I have a great recipe for buttercream icing that I stumbled across.  It's not too sweet, the perfect consistency and oh so good.

So answer me this......

If you cook or bake, are you a "perfection" kind of baker? You know the one where everything has to be done exactly right, put out perfectly....  Or are you a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of baker?  She's (or he) is the one that just pulls out what is in the pantry and it always turns out great no matter what it looks like.

When I get some followers, I will do a giveaway.

Keep reading Dearhearts.