Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's been almost a MONTH!

Wow! I hadn't realized it has been so long since I posted. As I stated before, I was in a bit of a "reading funk" and had a hard time getting out of it. It has been a busy month getting the puppies to training and then back and forth to their follow ups. I was lucky and came across an excellent trainer!

Now, a good friend of mine has turned me on to a "new to me" author. Lorelei James? Have you heard of her? If not, listen up! This author has a series call the Rough Riders. STEAMY! From page 1 of the first book I was bowled over by the sexiness of these books. They are real page turners. I will warn you that if you have issues with different types of sex, you might want to check them out first before you buy them, because this author leaves no stone unturned. They are HAWT, a great romance series and full of yummy, sexy Wyoming cowboys and the strong women who love them.

Now, The Freedom Giveaway is coming up in a couple of days, July 1st to be exact, and my contribution to this blog hop is going to be the first two books in the Rough Rider series. Hang tight everybody, grab onto your boots straps and jump into this sexy series!

Also, just so you know, once you do get into this series, there is a fan page for the Rough Riders on Facebook. Here is a link to join that fan page if you decide you love them as much as the rest of us do!

Rough Riders Fan Page

So, July 1st my friends! I'm going to give away the first two books in the series!

For more information on the series, please visit Lorelei's website via this LINK.

Be back in a few days to post for the blog hop!

Keep Reading Dearhearts!


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