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Thank you for joining The Bakin_Goddesses for such a HUGE PARTAY! We hope you have as much fun as we do. We know the readers will enjoy getting to know a little bit about you with these little questions. It’s all about fun this time so let your hair down, grab your favorite drink, put your feet up on the desk and have some fun with these. (Shauni) *Grabbing a drink looking at Kim* Oh you meant them Sorry *laughing* 
Thanks for having me on your blog today *grins* I hope you don’t mind I brought my cabana boys. I wanted to make sure we were all comfortable and …. well, they’re just pretty to look at *winks*
Shauni grabs the towel from the table to wipe the drool from her chin and says "Why Thank ya!".  Kimberly just sits there, dumbfounded.  What do you say about man candy that pretty?
Ok, Look everybody -- Look how cute she is so ya'll know who we're talking to! 

Cats or Dogs? ( Hey what about Birds and lizards? ) 
I’m a bit of both! I love my little Chihuahua, Odie, and the little kitty that sits at my door and meows. Now if I can only convince my husband to let me keep it!
Salty or Sweet (This of course means when you’re “playing” because this isn’t an adult Goddess site for nothin’)? Chocolate? 
Chocolate! Was there really any other choice? In a pinch, I do enjoy something salty and crunchy like chips.
Vampires or Werewolves (Of course you can choose “other” but you have to elaborate *snickering*)? 
I’m a sucker for both! That’s why there’s seven days in the week - three days each for both to show me some sweet lovin’, and one so I can recover then do it ALL OVER AGAIN! *winks* I don’t think I could ever chose.  I used to be a vamp girl, but then along came Mason. Now I just want them both!
Kim and Shauni both look at each other and then look back at Belinda with that "what are ya? crazy?" kinda look on their faces and say "We know you don't think you're gonna bring summa that junk up in here and not share. Besides, Vamp Girl, we like those Alpha Boys too!" *winking at her and pouring another drink*
Fireman or Cowboy? 
Cowboy … yep, definitely! 
Hairy or Smooth (Body hair)? 
Smooth - I don’t want ANYTHING covering those abs.
Clean Shaven or Stubble? 
Stubble. Nothing beats kissing a man and getting whisker burn. Also, you can’t deny men with a little stubble look UBER sexy!
Diet or Regular soda (Or....if you’re like me, Kimberly, you’re stuck on Powerade Zero)? 
Diet. Too much sugar makes my teeth feel funny. Although, I’m trying to be good and drink more water *sighs* Let’s see how long I can keep that habit!
Fruit or Veggies (Or Chocolate)? 
Fruit dipped in chocolate :D
Coffee or tea (Or Chocolate)? 
Chocolate. Coffee and tea are BLECH!
The song that is most annoying when it sticks in your head -- sorry had to do it. 
Hmmm I can’t think of anything. I know I’ve had Kung Fu Fighting and Pocketful of Sunshine stuck in my head. It’s like having the hiccups … you THINK they’re gone and you relax, only to burst out singing again.
Apple or Microsoft? 
I’ll go with what I know … Microsoft
Drama or Comedy or anything with Gerard Butler -- What Shauni? He’s Hawt! What Kim?*wiping drool* I love Gerard but what about Jason Momoa ooooohhh Or Charlie Hunnan? OOH Shauni! Charlie!!! We Loves Us some Jax! SOA! All the way baby! I guess we should let the guest answer the question though, huh? (tv, movies)? 
What was the question? I kind of lost focus after you mentioned Gerard Butler *swoons* That man is incredible and HAWT!
Spring or Fall (Fall -- cuz I can beat him to the floor! *snickering*)? 
I love Spring because it means the cold is leaving and things will start warming up. Everything’s growing and looking beautiful again, all the trees and flowers!
Sedan or Sports Car (Hey! I live in Texas! Where’s the truck suggestion???)? 
I enjoy riding in my BFFs Mustang so I say sports car. Road trips + a good playlist = HEAVEN
Tattoos or no Tattoos? 
On me? No tattoos. On a man? I love a good tribal arm band.
Favorite splurge food -- Tacos, Pizza, Cheeseburger (Or Chocolate peanut butter swirl FUDGE)???? 
I am a complete fry whore. I’ll drive 30 minutes to Denny’s just so I can get them with ranch dressing. I also LOVE ice cream. Yep, all the foods I need to give up so I can eat healthier *pouts*
Our ears perk up at the word "fry whore." Kim starts dancing around singing "I'm a total ice whore" Shauni grabs her Monster can and breaks out into song (as usual) "I got my Monster Caan.....It's not a Monster Maaaan....But I drink it cuz I hafta otherwise I'll be a total nappar."  We all fall on the sofa laughing at Shauni trying to wrap.  
What dish do you make perfect? 
Chicken enchiladas. I got the recipe from my husband’s aunt and they are SO delicious!
What dish have you messed up completely by burning or over cooking it? 
My first ever attempt at meatloaf was so bad, even my dog wouldn’t eat it. My poor husband had two helpings and you could tell he was trying not to gag. Now that is LOVE!
Can you give us your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? If not the recipe, your favorite cookie, we’ll find the recipe. 
I LOVE Gingerbread cookies! I wasn’t able to get any this Christmas which was so sad. They’ve been my favorite ever since I was a child. I love the taste!

Now is the part where we let you do some shameless self-promotion of your books. Please tell the readers something about what you’re currently writing or what has just been released. We’re shameless when it comes to pimpin’ new stuff! 
2011 was a big year for me … HUGE. I released three stories in the Mystic Wolves series – Without Mercy, Cherished and Blood Oath. What started off as a dream grew into something more and I’m so proud of everything that’s happened since! Each story has gotten bigger, better and swoonier and I’ve loved hearing back from people. Mason, Darcy and Devlin have been whispering in my ear so I can’t wait to continue sharing their story in 2012. I’m also getting ready to release the stories in a print book. Just think … you can hold it, stroke it, snuggle with it in bed! LOL I know I will!! Just in case you haven’t seen my series, here are the cover and blurbs

What would you do if a simple errand takes a deadly twist, turning you from cautious prey to dangerous predator?

When Darcy's outing takes a turn for the worst and tests her to the point of breaking, she struggles to maintain her humanity. Where loyalty and pack mean everything, she surrenders to the inevitable and only an act of complete trust can touch her. When all is said and done, with memories flooding her mind, Darcy holds tightly to the only thing that makes sense - it was all a dream. Or was it?

Can Darcy let go of the shame of failure consuming her or will Mason convince her that after all is said and done, she truly is cherished?

For a moment, Darcy almost convinced herself the last twelve hours didn't happen. As image after image hits her, the sinking realization of all she's lost overwhelms her and all she can think of is to run. Run far away where her shame can't find her, and most of all, where she'll never have to see the look of blame in Mason's eyes. Feeling like a complete failure, she scrambles to make plans. But the voice of her mate-to-be penetrates her frantic thoughts, asking for the chance to show her just how much she is loved.

It hurts Mason deeply to hear Darcy's thoughts, knowing the events of the previous night have completely rattled her. Grieving over the death of his beloved sister Jasmine, Mason knows he has to act fast. Darcy is all he's ever wanted and the idea of life without her is unacceptable. Armed with his unswerving love and wolfish charm, he sets out to remind Darcy just how valuable she is and why there is no one else for him but her.

Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Plans are made but when the enemy strikes another painful blow by entering into the heart of pack property and kidnapping Darcy, Mason declares war. There’s nothing he won’t do to keep his future mate and pack safe.

Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason’s commands. With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she’ll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength – once given, a blood oath is unbreakable … even if it means risking it all.

*Can you please show the readers some of your most favorite work? Feel free to shamelessly promote your achievements here because we, as Goddesses, totally would! 
I’m currently working on the fourth installment in the Mystic Wolves series called Forget Me Not. I’m really proud of it because I was brave enough to create the cover. I was there at the photo shoot and got the perfect photo from the model. It’s also the first full length novel of the series and I’m GIDDY about sharing it! I’ve been mwahahaha-ing with everyone.
I’m also working on finishing Broken Promises, book one in a brand new series. This was another result from a dream and was my NaNoWriMo story from two years ago. It’s one of my favorites because it was the first time I realized I could write, and where I finally decided to follow my passion. I love everything about the story and the characters – Bree and Quinn are amazing! 

Belinda is awesome isn't she? She is offering up all 3 books, in E-format, Without Mercy; Cherished; and Blood Oath to ONE winner.  They will have the entire series!! Let me tell you a little bit about Belinda.  She is a friend of Deena Remiel's and I went to Deena because we had a couple of authors that did not get back to us but were scheduled for the party.  Belinda has come in with ONE day notice and has done a fantabulous job!  She's puuurrrtttty dayam special in our book!!!  Thank you Belinda for letting us interview you and THANK YOU for being so generous with our readers!  Please Visit Belinda's blog *link below*.  You can also purchase her books using this link:

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LadyVampire2u said...

These sounds like great books. I dont know how I havent read this series before now, after reading this post. And I sympathize with you on the Gingerbread cookies. I didnt get any this year either.
LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

Sharon K said...

Thank you Kim and Shauni for having this interview with Belinda! And thank you Belinda for coming! The books sound awesome, I'll have to add them to my TG list!!!
Thank you for this giveaway!!!

Belinda said...

Awww you've totally made me blush this morning - fantabulous! Thanks for having me here on your blog today and for the recipe!!! I'll definitely see if I can work some magic with them. (Here's hoping I don't set off the smoke alarms in my house) Good luck to those that enter ... I <3 my Mystic Wolves.

T.L said...

Omg omg Belinda I would love to read all of your books,reading about them got my HEART pounding and when that happens it just goes to show your books are good girl!!!!!

*yadkny* said...

I've never tried Gingerbread cookies before... I'll have to give Belinda's recipe a try:) All of the books sound fantastic... thanks for sharing!

Kimberly Flood said...

*Crawling out from under one of the cabana boy's legs I crawl up the couch to sit down*. We're so glad you came to the party Belinda. The party favors you brought are so much fun! *Giggling I reach for a glass of ice and snap open a Diet Coke.* How is everybody this morning?!

sheryl said...

I am dying to read these books. Great interview!!!


Anonymous said...

Would love to read them

Anonymous said...

Wow hadnt heard of this series before now I'm really wanting to read it!!

Shelley B said...

The books sound awesome. The covers are beautiful. I love this blog. It always introduces me to new authors to try out. Thanks for the giveaway.
srbagby 50 at gmail dot com

Tiffany K said...

Thank you for sharing. I love that recipe, gingerbread is just delicious.
I have to say all of your books have gorgeous covers, thank you for the opportunity!

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Megan said...

Looks like a great series. Thanks for the giveaway!

Megan G.

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