Friday, June 15, 2012

Sassy Seven Naughty Sleepover Event! Trust me! You want to check this out!

The other day I was on Facebook checking things out when I see a post from my friend Heather (Decadent Publishing) and what is she pimpin'????? This awesome naughty sleepover with The Sassy Seven Authors that will knock your socks off!

These Sassy Seven Authors, to say the least, write some of the steamiest scenes....woooh! Make your blood boil and your body sweat! And now we know why this is an 18+ blog!  Let's see if we can at least introduce you to the authors who write these novels that induce sauna-like feverish skin, portray kisses (in more places than one) that are gasp inducing and pulse-inducing actions that make you want to beg them to stop but in reality can't wait to read what happens next.

HA! Got you on the hook now don't I? These women write some of the most sizzling, erotic novels and I haven't even read them all!  So, let's get going on the introductions and page links shall we?

You can go to their websites and get all their information because I want to make sure you get all the info for the Naughty Sleepover and so that this post isn't as long as Texas!

The Luscious Brenna Zinn.
The Scandolous Cerise DeLand.
The Erotic Nicole Austin.
The Seductive Regina Carlysle.
The Impassioned Desiree Holt.
The Arousing Samantha Cayto.
The Pleasureful Allie Standifer.

Y'all SERIOUSLY need to check out their websites.  Pulse Raising!

So, I'm the half of the Bakin' Goddesses from Texas. I live so far south in Texas (kind of in a weird spot -- not close enough for anything in the valley and not close enough for anything in Dallas or Houston - since I don't drive anymore, which is a serious bummer!) that not a lot of cool things get close enough to me that I can get to them.  When I saw the posting for the Naughty Sleepover I was wiggling in my seat like a little kid! So let's get to the good stuff!

Here is the website where you can get all your information and register but you better RUN because although it's not until February of 2013, there are ONLY 200 spots available!

Another cool thing! It's at the famous Menger Hotel....if you love haunted hotels, you will love this one!  You HAVE to check out the event schedule for this one!

 There are some sexy fun events to be had during the weekend.  So grab your sexiness and your fun and jump in with both feet! I'm going to!

Keep Reading Goddesses (and I hope to see you in February)!


Brenna Zinn said...

OMG! I'm luscious! How awesome is that??

Regina Carlysle said...

Love your post! We're all sooooo psyched for February to get here!!!!!!!

Nicole Austin said...

Why isn't it February yet? *drumming fingers*

Allie Standifer said...

We're having such a great time planning all sorts of naughty things. Can't wait to see you, Kimberly.

Kimberly, Bakin' Goddess said...

OOOOH! Four of the Sassy Seven are here! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited about everything going on for NSO! It's going to be a blast!

Can't wait to meet everybody!!!

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