Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A CoFA Giveaway/Awesome pen by Very Cool Jewelry Designer, Viviane Hebel, and a chance to Give Back!

Hi Everybody!
I am really psyched about this giveaway.  It's NOT mine but I found a link to it on Twitter and it's just awesome.

First, you will have a chance to win a pen designed by the awesome jewelry artist Viviane Hebel and on top of that Cassandra Clare's City Of Fallen Angels.

If you visit Viviane's Etsy Site and make a purchase, some of the proceeds will go to Reading is Fundamental.  You can read all about it in the awesome blog by the great Paperback Dolls!

Excuse just the link to their site.  I'm new at this but PLEASE visit their site! It's amazing!!!

Paperback Dolls: Interview and Giveaway with The Mortal Instruments Jewelry designer- Viviane Hebel

Keep Reading Dearhearts!


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