Sunday, April 3, 2011

Contemplating a Giveaway

So, I'm contemplating a giveaway.  The problem there is a horrible echo....there is nobody here to give anything away to.  I, sadly, have no followers, yet.  I will fix that problem soon enough though, I'm sure of it.

Now.....on to what to give away.  I have books.  Some slightly used.  Some new.  I have cookbooks....I LOVE to bake!  Have I mentioned that?  It's amazing what therapy it can be.  Let me get in a mood with some baking ingredients and in a few hours I have made the house smell divine!!!  The neighbors adore it.  My sister-in-law loves it.  My's a love-hate relationship.  She loves it but hates what it does to her hips.  My mother and I are always up for some good baking.  My dad always wanted me to bake for him.

So....Do I offer up some of my favorite recipes???? Ones that I have tweaked until they are just so good you can't stand it.  Like Cowboy cookies....or the Best Ever Big Chocolate Chip Cookie, Peanut Butter Cookie Bars.....

I have a great recipe for buttercream icing that I stumbled across.  It's not too sweet, the perfect consistency and oh so good.

So answer me this......

If you cook or bake, are you a "perfection" kind of baker? You know the one where everything has to be done exactly right, put out perfectly....  Or are you a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of baker?  She's (or he) is the one that just pulls out what is in the pantry and it always turns out great no matter what it looks like.

When I get some followers, I will do a giveaway.

Keep reading Dearhearts.


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