Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Book Thongs Made For Your Favorite Book Character!

I received a book thong from Stupid Shiny Designs because I won it from a blog hop. I was looking through her designs (I had found her Etsy shop prior) and thought how pretty they were.

When I received my book thong, not only was I surprised by how pretty it actually was, I was surprised by the weight of it. Its perfect for keeping your place in your favorite books! Stylish, fun and really creative! Mandy does a great job with these and puts a lot of thought and energy into making them, and it shows!

I purchased 3 more just the other day and will be giving one away on my next Blog Hop or contest.

Really, Mandy is extremely nice and the customer service is outstanding! Stop by her Etsy Shop and look at how beautiful her designs are. The one I received from being the winner of a blog hop was John Michael's from BDB. It is fabulous!

Mandy's book thongs are very affordable. I haven't a clue where she finds the charms that she uses (along with the beads) but what she finds correlates directly with the main character of the book. She has several different series and, if I'm not mistaken, she will even do custom requests (don't take my word on that -- you'll have to contact Mandy).

Swing by and visit Mandy's shop -- Stupid Shiny Designs. She's got some great stuff!

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Oh COOL site!! TY for the intro to it

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