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A while ago, I, Kimberly, won a copy of a book by a new author, Kasi Alexander.  The book, Becoming Sage, was a look into a world we don't often see the true side of, BDSM.  It is definitely a controversial issue with some people but I think Kasi writes this book with such grace and such knowledge that it takes the "scary" out of it for most of us.  It shows the true love behind being part of a committed relationship -- just like any other committed relationship.  It's the "that which we don't understand, we fear" part of this lifestyle that keeps us from asking questions and being uneducated about it.  Kasi reaches out to educate us and to show us how loving it actually can be.  It's a great story, told by a very, very nice lady.  Please welcome Kasi and her quite informative *winks* interview!

Cats or Dogs? ( Hey what about Birds and lizards? ) Dogs, although I like cats too. But generally dogs, and the bigger the better. If they bred Giant Great Danes I would be all over it.
Salty or Sweet (This of course means when you’re “playing” because this isn’t an adult Goddess site for nothin’)? Chocolate? Sweet, and chocolate, for sure. Of course, my favorite treat is salty, and creamy, and white, and warm…
Vampires or Werewolves (Of course you can choose “other” but you have to elaborate *snickering*)? Hmm – This is actually a question addressed in the first few pages of the second book in The Keyhole Series (“Saving sunni,” hopefully to be released around April 2012). I have nothing against werewolves, and I like the fact that they eat food and enjoy exercising it off, but I think vampires have a huge advantage in the staying-young-forever thing and (in certain mythologies) becoming incredibly gorgeous with the change!
Fireman or Cowboy? Hmm. Cowboy, if he’s educated and intelligent and witty. Although firemen do have those cute calendars…
Hairy or Smooth (Body hair)? Hairy. To a point.
Clean Shaven or Stubble? Stubble is always sexy! It’s rugged and masculine. 
Diet or Regular soda (Or....if you’re like me, Kimberly, you’re stuck on Powerade Zero)? Diet, definitely. I like drinking guilt-free.
Fruit or Veggies (Or Chocolate)? In the absence of chocolate, or bread and cheese, I’d take raspberries, strawberries, or veggies. I love leeks, kale, scallions, beets—all kinds of weird shit. Especially with a good cheese sauce!
Coffee or tea (Or Chocolate)? Coffee. With a decadent flavored creamer and whipped cream on top. You can never have enough whipped cream. It comes in handy in all kinds of situations.
The song that is most annoying when it sticks in your head -- sorry had to do it. Anything where I can only get one or two lines and they keep going over and over. And then it’s really annoying when you can’t remember later what it was. (Humming with fingers in ears…)
Apple or Microsoft? I’d take Apple if I had the choice but Microsoft is cheaper and more compatible.
Drama or Comedy or anything with Gerard Butler -- What Shauni? He’s Hawt!  What Kim?*wiping drool* I love Gerard but what about Jason Momoa ooooohhh Or Charlie Hunnan?  OOH Shauni! Charlie!!! We Loves Us some Jax! SOA! All the way baby!  I guess we should let the guest answer the question though, huh? (tv, movies)?  Hmm—depends on the day. Usually comedy, and generally something kind of off-the-wall. I don’t like slapstick but I love things that are witty and strange—or anything that has German being spoken. Of course, the combination of motorcycles and Jax is pretty hot, too. 
Spring or Fall (Fall -- cuz I can beat him to the floor! *snickering*)? I do like fall but the aftereffects aren’t as pleasant, so I’d have to go with spring.
Sedan or Sports Car (Hey! I live in Texas! Where’s the truck suggestion???)? Motorcycle. Unless it’s raining. Then sports car. And head for somewhere that it’s spring or summer.
Tattoos or no Tattoos? Oh, tattoos, yes, definitely. Mmmmmm. 
Favorite splurge food -- Tacos, Pizza, Cheeseburger (Or Chocolate peanut butter swirl FUDGE)???? Pizza, pizza, pizza!!! (Especially with chili instead of tomato sauce.) THEN fudge. Peanut butter.
What dish do you make perfect? I’m getting really good at piecrust. 
What dish have you messed up completely by burning or over cooking it? Pretty much anything I ever tried—the first couple of times, at least.
Can you give us your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? If not the recipe, your favorite cookie, we’ll find the recipe. No bake chocolate peanut butter. The recipes are everywhere, and they’re all pretty much the same. Yummy!!
Now is the part where we let you do some shameless self promotion of your books, artwork or jewelry (this sentence will be centered directly towards you and your work when the interview comes up).  Please tell the readers something about what you’re currently writing or what has just been released.  We’re shameless when it comes to pimpin’ new stuff!  
My first novel, “Becoming sage,” has been out since April 2011. The sequel, “Saving sunni,” is now with the publisher and we’re hoping it will be out before too long. Funny you should mention jewelry. My partners and I have a side business making chainmail jewelry, which you can check out at Chainmail makes great, unique Christmas gifts! It’s not just for the knights anymore! We specialize in rainbow and custom pieces. 
*Can you please show the readers some of your most favorite work? Feel free to shamelessly promote your achievements here because we, as Goddesses, totally would!  See below… 
What is one of your most favorite pieces that you have done for yourself? If its something personal and you don’t want to show it, can you tell us about it? I am very partial to the “werewolves vs vampires” scene in “Saving sunni.” Here’s a teaser:
“So,” she said intently, “Which side are you on?”
I’m sure my face went completely blank. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about, although I could hear Darth Vader’s voice in my head growling, “Come to the dark side, Luke.”
My confusion must have shown, because she said impatiently, “Edward or Jacob?”
It still took me a minute, but then it dawned on me. She was actually starting my job interview by talking about vampires versus werewolves. I pictured Sir’s face when I could tell him and nearly burst out laughing.
“I… I don’t know,” I finally said, trying to sound as serious as possible. “I think there are benefits to both.”
She nodded, as if we were discussing something very philosophical and important. “What benefits?”
“Um, well, I like how wild and free werewolves are,” I said, thinking that this was a really bizarre conversation, even for me, “and I must confess I do like doggie style.” Geri giggled and nodded vigorously. “But the vampires can make you immortal, and you don’t have to worry about your weight anymore. Although I have to say I would miss ice cream.”
This is my collar, made by my Sir. It’s a beautiful piece and it is ALL MINE (and his, of course).
I think this is one of my favorite pieces as well. 

I love this weave too. It’s a combination of Helm and Japanese 12-in-2, and it’s stretchy. 

Here is a photo of Kasi's first book Becoming Sage.  
You can purchase Becoming Sage here:
Omnific Publishing:
Barnes & Noble

Kasi has very generously offered to give 3 people an Ebook copy of Becoming Sage, a chain mail bracelet and a Becoming Sage bookmark!!  
Here is a photo of the bracelet and bookmark!

You can find Kasi Alexander here:

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June M. said...

What beautiful creations! Very talented! Becoming Sage is on my TBR wishlist. I have wanted to read it for a long time but have not yet. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway! The chainmail creations on your site are beautiful!
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

The Bakin_Goddesses said...

June, Did you notice that Kasi changed the giveaway? She is now giving away 3 e-books, 3 chain mail bracelets & 3 bookmarks -- one per person! So there will still be 3 winners! So you may have a chance to win this great book!

Good luck and thank you for joining us!!!

The Bakin_Goddesses

DeeLuLu said...

I would LOVE to win!!! Please, please, please!
Thank you.

Krafty Max Originals said...

Here I am!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kasi! I've seen some lovely collars on a few websites and I have to say your heart collar is gorgeous. What a personal gift. Lucky girl.

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

Pairee said...

I am so, so, so bummed I missed this giveaway, but am really looking forward to reading "Becoming Sage" !

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