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Thank you for joining The Bakin_Goddesses for such a HUGE PARTAY! We hope you have as much fun as we do.  We know the readers will enjoy getting to know a little bit about you with these little questions.  It’s all about fun this time so let your hair down, grab your favorite drink, put your feet up on the desk and have some fun with these. (Shauni) *Grabbing a drink looking at Kim* Oh you meant them Sorry *laughing*  I am ALL set! Got my margarita on the rocks in my hand, my shoes off, and flicking my feet up on the desk as we speak. 

Shauni plops down in the big snuggly chair with her pina colada and Kimberly curls up in the corner of the couch waiting impatiently for answers with her White Russian. 

Hiya, Ladies! So psyched to be here! Thanks for the invite! I see you’ve laid out before me some VERY tricky questions. I’ve labored over these for HOURS. After all, they are VERY important. Screw the “What made you become a writer?” questions! THESE questions are juicy! They got some teeth to them! You’ll really get to know me now.  SO, let’s see how I’ve done…
*Whispers* "Look! Isn't she cute??? She's funny too!!!"
Cats or Dogs? (Hey what about Birds and lizards?) Dogs for their major cuddle factor AND cats for their “knowing glances”

Salty or Sweet (This of course means when you’re “playing” because this isn’t an adult Goddess site for nothin’)? Salty, then sweet, then salty, then sweet. Can’t have one without the other in my house! Chocolate? Smooth as silk milk chocolate on most days, then dark chocolate peanut M&M’s for writing.

Vampires or Werewolves (Of course you can choose “other” but you have to elaborate *snickering*)? Um… Angels, of course! Nothing speaks of sensuality more than those feathery wings teasing the nerve-endings on my skin. And I happen to know what stroking an angel’s wings does to THEM. *giggles unabashedly* Kimberly looks at Shauni giving her the "look" and we both stare back at Deena wanting more of those details.

Fireman or Cowboy? Well, since I’m a city-girl at heart, I have to go with my brawny Fireman. He can save me any day, carry me up a few flights of stairs to his bedroom, and still not be too tired for making mad, passionate love with me all night long. And then, I can save him from his tortured nightmares, kissing each and every one of them away…

Hairy or Smooth (Body hair)? Smooth, however, I really don’t mind hair on the legs and arms and a little on the chest. OKAY, if the guy is gorgeous, hair or no, I want him!

Clean Shaven or Stubble? I LOVE 5 o’clock shadow!

Diet or Regular soda (Or....if you’re like me, Kimberly, you’re stuck on Powerade Zero)? I like regular. But I don’t drink much soda since it bothers me. I usually stick to unsweetened Iced Tea.

Fruit or Veggies (Or Chocolate)? Fruit DIPPED in chocolate!

Coffee or tea (Or Chocolate)? Coffee FLAVORED with chocolate! Are you seeing a pattern here, ladies?

The song that is most annoying when it sticks in your head -- sorry had to do it. Suzanne Vega’s song with the dudududu dudududu droning incessantly! Shauni and Kimberly look at each other over Deena's head and shrug. "We don't don't know the dududududu dudududu droning incessantly song."  

Apple or Microsoft? Grew up Apple, changed to PC. Apple seems elitist and exclusionary when I look at it now. Sorry!  Kimberly looks at Shauni and Deena and shrugs.  Love my Mac computers.  Not gonna be shy about it.

Drama or Comedy or anything with Gerard Butler -- What Shauni? He’s Hawt!  What Kim?*wiping drool* I love Gerard but what about Jason Momoa ooooohhh Or Charlie Hunnan?  OOH Shauni! Charlie!!! We Loves Us some Jax! SOA! All the way baby!  I guess we should let the guest answer the question though, huh? (tv, movies)?  Ladies, you and I have similar tastes! I swoon over Jax, especially now that his hair is cut. When he looks at Tara, I just melt to mush. I want him to look at me! At me! LOL Gerard Butler MADE me buy Phantom of the Opera. And PS I Love you… GOD! Fugetaboutit! Shauni gives Deena an evil eye when she mentions Jax and puts her hands on her hips and says "Jax is mine. I'll shank ya for him." Laughing  hard at that conversation, Kimberly sits back down with her White Russian and almost chokes with her next drink and White Russian spews forth from her nose.

Spring or Fall (Fall -- cuz I can beat him to the floor! *snickering*)? I love Spring. It’s all about renewal and you can’t beat the smell of nature coming back to life all around you.

Sedan or Sports Car (Hey! I live in Texas! Where’s the truck suggestion???)? Sports Car! Audi TT 

Tattoos or no Tattoos?  I don’t have any, but I secretly want one. I hate pain, so it will never happen. I’ll just keep buying my removable angel wing tattoos. LOVE THEM!  OOOOH We wanna know where to get some of those wing tattoos -- You're holdin' out on us Deena! Friends don't do that to friends, *grabs the bottles to mix everybody another drink.*

Favorite splurge food -- Tacos, Pizza, Cheeseburger (Or Chocolate peanut butter swirl FUDGE)???? Lobster and crab… well you did say splurge! I get orgasmic over lobster claws dipped in butter. Mmmmm….

What dish do you make perfect? I make a wicked dish, doesn’t have a name, but it involves breaded and fried veal, sautéed mushrooms and onions, all layered into a casserole dish with white wine or vermouth and baked forever in the oven. It’s another orgasmic dish, and I got it from my mother. I remember getting the giggles after eating it at dinner one day. My mother says, “I think the girl’s gone drunk on my dinner!” LOL

What dish have you messed up completely by burning or over cooking it? A freaking lasagna! Just the other day! Argh!

Can you give us your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? If not the recipe, your favorite cookie, we’ll find the recipe.  I don’t bake. I assemble. So I don’t bake cookies unless I can slice them or just peal them off the tray and pop them in the oven. Actually, I don’t even do that anymore. Daughter’s taken over.  I will say that I’m a MASTER at EATING cookies. If anyone needs an eater of cookies, I’m you’re girl! Shauni and Kimberly Gasp together in unison! "You DON"T BAKE?!!! Whaaaa????"
Now is the part where we let you do some shameless self promotion of your books, artwork or jewelry (this sentence will be centered directly towards you and your work when the interview comes up).  Please tell the readers something about what you’re currently writing or what has just been released.  We’re shameless when it comes to pimpin’ new stuff!  No complaints from me! I’m just as shameless! On January 27th, my second novel in the Brethren Series will be released from Decadent publishing! It’s called, RELIC, and I’m IN LOVE with the storyline! Can I share a secret? There’s one scene that I wrote that I find myself replaying in my head over and over as I fall asleep! Yes, it’s definitely a love scene! Hee hee! If folks go to, and scroll through the author names on the left, they’ll find mine, and clicking on it will send them to my page of books. They’ll find TRINITY and GHOST OF A CHANCE currently there. In early February, RELIC will join them. For Brethren Beginnings Volume1 and Picture Perfect, they can go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble, even Smashwords.
Barnes & Noble:

Can you please show the readers some of your most favorite work? Feel free to shamelessly promote your achievements here because we, as Goddesses, totally would!  Each one of my “babies” is my favorite for different reasons. TRINITY is my fave because it’s my first, and I put a lot of references to my daughters and me in there. It’s also gotten rave reviews and a phenomenal one from RT Book reviews! 4.5 stars! The only thing better is having a gold medal with it, so I’m thrilled! 

Ghost of a Chance is fave of mine because it’s pushed me to my limits of writing sensually. Remy, my ghost just floats my boat! 

Brethren Beginnings Volume 1 is a fave of mine because it started out as an online serial. People loved it and wanted to see it out all together. So I did. Now I have fans that will fight each other over my angels. LOL I LOVE IT! 

Picture Perfect is a fave of mine because it’s pure romance, through and through. Swoony moments, suspense, hot love scenes, and did I say swoony moments? I guess I should also mention that my friend, Jimmy Thomas, was the muse for this one. He adorns the cover as well as the one for the Brethren Beginnings novella. 

Finally, RELIC, is a fave of mine because the storyline is so intriguing, and Raphael is HOT! Lots of action, romance, and emotion in this one, Ladies! 
To close, I’d like to share that I’ve been nominated for Debut Author of the Year at Author After Dark! *Shauni and Kimberly clap and wolf whistle! "WOO WOOO!!! Can we get a waaa waaa up in here????"* Won’t know results until August! TRINITY and GOAC have been nominated at The Romance Reviews for best PNR in Angels and Demons AND Ghost categories. At this moment that I’m writing, I don’t know if either have one. It’s just thrilling to be nominated when it’s not even been a YEAR since TRINITY came out! I’m so very grateful and blessed…
What is one of your most favorite pieces that you have done for yourself? If its something personal and you don’t want to show it, can you tell us about it? There’s a piece I wrote, a short story, called Freedom in Chains. I was asked to write this piece after the successful rescue of a young woman from human trafficking. It is a painful, moving yet uplifting celebration of that day, HER freedom day. It’s on my website if you’d like to read it. Just do a search for the title.

So, we did the searching for you and here is the link for Deena's short story Freedom in Chains -- What? We're Goddesses, it just took the snap of a finger! We encourage you to poke around her site.  It is full of really neat stories!

Where to find Deena:

Deena is offering one e-copy of The Bretheren Beginnings Volume 1 and the Bakin_Goddesses will give, to another lucky winner, this gorgeous bookthong called "Untouchable" by Mandy at Stupid Shiny Designs.  I think it is fitting since it's wintery.

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Deena said...

Thank you so much, Ladies, for having me over today! I haven't had this much fun answering questions in a long time. LOL As for JAX, there ARE 7 days in the week. I suggest we each take every other day. ;)

LaTonia "LT" said...

LOve ya Deena

Deena said...

Love you, too, LT!

Leanne109 said...

GREAT POST!!! Love the questions, they are some very rarely asked ones and I loved them. You Rock!


June M. said...

Thank you so much for the interview & the giveaways. The Brethren sound like really good books. Hope you have a great New Years.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Deena said...

Thanks, Leanne! I had so much fun answering them. :)

June, I hope you have a great New Year's, too. :) Good luck on the giveaways!

Denise Z said...

What an absolutely wonderful interview. Thank you for sharing with us today. I have read Brethren Beginnings and it is an awesome book. I know if I win I will be giving this treat to a friend, but I just may be selfish enough to keep the lovely book thong to place in my book while I eat my chocolate dipped strawberries - yum!

Deena said...

Denise! Hi, lovey! :D Thanks for the kind words. These ladies are awesome, aren't they?! Great questions and so much fun to answer. hee hee

*yadkny* said...

Hi Deena!
CONGRATS on being nominated for Debut Author of the Year at Author After Dark! This was a fun interview and now I have some more books to add to my wishlist:) Thanks for the great giveaway & Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Jolene and Family said...

Great post and loved the interview :)


Joanne said...

Great interview. I've added some books to my wishlist.


Deena said...

Happy New Year ladies! I believe 2012 is gonna rock!!! :D

Anonymous said...

great interview :)

Mari S said...

*sighs* I don't live in the US, but my brother does... So, I just wanted to say the interview was hilarious and I really enjoyed it ;)
Happy new year bbs!

sheryl said...

Great interview. These books sound great!!!They are def on my TBR list.


Kristina's Books & More said...

I love Deena and her angels! That is one gorgeous book thong, too!
Great interview! Thanks for the contest as well.


Shelley B said...

Great interview! Beautiful bookmarks!
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Cynthia D'Alba said...

Cute interview. I started not to leave a message but "book thong"? Love the phrase and the one you're giving away! :)

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite people! Love m'Deena. Not only is she a good writer, she got me home from the Roxy in LA traffic during RT. Fun girl!

Mandy at Stupid Shiny Designs know each other, too! She's so fab! Love her stuff *looks at bejeweled bookshelf*. We 'met' when I did a raffle for Relay For Life and Lara Adrian donated books and bookthongs made by Mandy who, I find out, live 20mins from me.

You like White Russians?!?! Only one of my FAVORITE drinks eva'!

JoAnna said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to read the brethren!

beckerjo at verizon dot net

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