Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey Goddesses,
Ya'll stick with us.....we are putting the final touches on the big PARTAY and giveaway.  These authors and artists are extremely generous and SO MUCH FUN! Wait until you see the things they told us!  Right Shauni? *winking*

It's amazing what wonderful people we are working with!  They are so generous with their time and so generous to the readers!  I'm so excited to get started but we're still waiting on a few things!

Unfortunately, due to a printing error, OUR Bakin_Goddess bookmarks may not be here in time so they may be sent out at a later date but trust me KLB Virtual Events has been working their tail off to make this blog as beautiful as it is!

Does anybody have any requests for recipes??? Either Shauni or I may have it! *whispers* It is QUITE likely! *Laughing*

So, hold onto your seats everybody! A fun ride is coming your way! And please, be sure to thank the wonderful people that are sharing their talents with us.  We have been so lucky to have such a great turn out and to be loved by such talented people!!!

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