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It is officially 9 days until Christmas but we are bringing Christmas to you early with our interview with Jean Murray!  Instead of making you wait forever through our blathering and dithering about how great she is, lets just get to it!  Because she really is great!

Introducing Author Jean Murray:  
I want to thank Kimberly and Shauni for inviting me to celebrate their grand opening and beautiful new webpage.  Kimberly/Bakin Goddess and I go way back to one of my very first giveaways.  She won a copy of my debut novel, Soul Reborn.  At the time being new to authorship, I never realized what a tight community of writers, readers and authors there were in the virtual world. Amazing really.  So many bloggers like Kim and Shauni out to support small press authors like myself.  She graciously agreed to interview me as a debut author and we participated in the Carnival Blog Hop. The results were amazing.  I’m so thrilled she invited me back for their release party. I can’t wait to get to know Shauni and all their blog’s fabulous following.
Bio: Jean Murray was born and raised in a small town on the east coast. In her pursuit of a nursing degree, she aspired to see the world and joined the Navy. One of the benefits of her membership in the Armed Forces, she has had the opportunity to travel and live in different parts of the world and the United States. Her travels abroad have given her the opportunity to experience different cultures. It inspired her to delve into Ancient Egyptian myths and legends for her debut novel, Soul Reborn, book 1 in the Key to the Cursed series from Crescent Moon Press, now available.
So let’s have some fun.  I’m ready. Hit me…

Cats or Dogs? ( Hey what about Birds and lizards? )
Jean:  I’m definitely a dog person.  We’ve always had shelter dogs.  I brought one back from Spain.  Named him Rico, of course. Rico Suave. He was a great dog.  We decided he needed a friend so we went to the shelter, looking for a medium to small size dog.  We came across this cute puppy with the biggest brown eyes, wrinkly skin and tiny little feet.  Being only part Shar Pei, they assured us she would be about 45-50lbs, stocky and stout. Needless to say, 6 months later she was 80 lbs and bigger than Rico. I never regretted it though. We saved her life and my sons now have the friendliest dog.  I like cats, but I’m too lazy to clean out a litter box.  
Salty or Sweet (This of course means when you’re “playing” because this isn’t an adult Goddess site for nothin’)? Chocolate?
Jean:  Honestly, I like a mix of both. I’m all for variety in life. LOL.  
Vampires or Werewolves (Of course you can choose “other” but you have to elaborate *snickering*)?
Jean:  I love vampires, but I much prefer Egyptian gods.  Ahem… What kind of author would I be if I didn’t love my Underworld gods.  They are dark, dangerous, and oh so yummy.

Fireman or Cowboy?
Jean:  I’m a sucker for heroes and love writing about them. I spent 20 years in the military surrounded by them and eventually even married one.  If I had to choose, I would pick a fireman.  There is just something about a guy that would run into a burning building to save you that is just so alluring.  

Hairy or Smooth (Body hair)?
Jean:  In my Key to the Cursed series, the Egyptian Underworld gods are completely bare, everywhere but their heads. When creating them, I just couldn’t picture gods having an evolutionary left over on their bodies.  Asar, Inpu, Bakari and Bomani would exude perfection, even down to their skin. One of my heroes, Kamen, is different though.  He has a perpetual five o’clock shadow and for good reason. You don’t want to be locked in the same room with this god.  He’s beastly…   

Personally, I like a little bit of both.  I think it’s unnatural to be totally bare, but the more is better theory stops with hair. Too much is kind of…. well… I don’t want to be with someone with a fur coat.  I guess werewolves are out of the question.

Clean Shaven or Stubble?
Jean:  As you can tell from my answers, I am a middle of the road kind of gal. No either or…  I like things gray, versus black and white. There are times when clean shaven is super sexy, but stubble has its place (but not every day) on the weekends when you are having so much fun “playing” there is no time to shave.
Diet or Regular soda (Or....if you’re like me, Kimberly, you’re stuck on Powerade Zero)?
Jean:   I drink diet Pepsi. I like the taste with no calories.  
Fruit or Veggies (Or Chocolate)?
Jean:  What about fruit dipped in chocolate.  Strawberries are awesome with dark chocolate glaze. Can’t say I’ve ever tried chocolate veggies, just doesn’t sound right, but I’m sure the Bakin Goddess would make them taste great.

Coffee or tea (Or Chocolate)?
Jean:  Coffee, coffee and more coffee.  Preferably, a caf√© latte with skim milk, no sugar.  I’ll be honest, I hated coffee up until I was stationed in Spain.  I’m a coffee convert.  Love it!!!  

The song that is most annoying when it sticks in your head -- sorry had to do it.  
Jean:  Without a doubt it is that Barbie song…  You know…  I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Wrapped in plastic, it’s fantastic…

It’s an old one, but damn if I don’t cringe every time I hear it. I think my husband plays it occasionally just to torture me.

Apple or Microsoft?
Jean:  Microsoft.  My IT husband would shoot me if I said otherwise  

Drama or Comedy or anything with Gerard Butler -- What Shauni? He’s Hawt!  What Kim?*wiping drool* I love Gerard but what about Jason Momoa ooooohhh Or Charlie Hunnan?  OOH Shauni! Charlie!!! We Loves Us some Jax! SOA! All the way baby!  I guess we should let the guest answer the question though, huh? (tv, movies)?
Jean: Okay, I second your suggestions.  I have to say my new heart throb is Chris Hennson, the actor from Thor and I’m not even partial to blondes, but geez he has a nice body.

Spring or Fall (Fall -- cuz I can beat him to the floor! *snickering*)?
Jean:  Man you guys are making this tough on me, trying to pick from my favorite things in life. Okay, spring.  There is something to be said about things starting anew.  A fresh start and a break from the doldrums of winter.  The tulips bloom and the green leaves start to form on the trees.  Only five more months away or longer depending on where you live.

Sedan or Sports Car (Hey! I live in Texas! Where’s the truck suggestion???)?
Jean:  My dream sports car--  Silver Ferrari. Whoever says sedan or minivan should be slapped.

Tattoos or no Tattoos?
Jean:  My Underworld gods have hieroglyphics on their forearms which designates them as gods.  The dark warriors have raised tattoos, carved into their skin, as a rite of passage and designates their rank among the legion. Bomani, Commander of the Legions, his entire body is covered in raised tattoos and he has the Underworld shield branded into his chest.  These guys are tough.  I wouldn’t mess with them. So I guess my answer is tattoos.

Favorite splurge food -- Tacos, Pizza, Cheeseburger (Or Chocolate peanut butter swirl FUDGE)????
Jean:  Anything chocolate—ice cream, cake, cheesecake, candy. Oh yeah, and brownies.

What dish do you make perfect?
Jean:  I love cooking for large groups and parties.  One of my favorite dishes to make for large groups is a pasta bar.  The base is very easy, fettuccini noodles and sauce (butter, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, garlic, lemon).  The fun part is making the toppings.  I cook up seasoned chicken, sausage, salmon and shrimp in a variety of ways, plus veggies- broccoli, asparagus, peas, spinach + capers.  The guests can mix and match all they like.  I add a couple varieties of salad and breads on the side.  Very easy and everyone raves about it. You can vary the pasta or add different sauces to meet everyone’s tastes and delights.  

What dish have you messed up completely by burning or over cooking it?
Jean:  My husband has banned me from making the grilled cheese sandwiches.  I burn them every time.  I think because I step away to chase one kid or another, only to come back and find the bread smoking black.

Can you give us your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? If not the recipe, your favorite cookie, we’ll find the recipe.
Jean:  I love peanut butter balls/Buckeyes covered in chocolate.  Who doesn’t love balls for Christmas?  Here is my favorite recipe:
  • 1 1/2 cups creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup butter, softened
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
  • 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons shortening
  1. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper; set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix peanut butter, butter, vanilla, and confectioners' sugar with hands to form a smooth stiff dough. Shape into balls using 2 teaspoons of dough for each ball. Place on prepared pan, and refrigerate.
  3. Melt shortening and chocolate together in a metal bowl over a pan of lightly simmering water. Stir occasionally until smooth, and remove from heat.
  4. Remove balls from refrigerator. Insert a wooden toothpick into a ball, and dip into melted chocolate. Return to wax paper, chocolate side down, and remove toothpick. Repeat with remaining balls. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to set.
Now is the part where we let you do some shameless self promotion of your books, artwork or jewelry (this sentence will be centered directly towards you and your work when the interview comes up).  Please tell the readers something about what you’re currently writing or what has just been released.  We’re shameless when it comes to pimpin’ new stuff!  

Can you please show the readers some of your most favorite work? Feel free to shamelessly promote your achievements here because we, as Goddesses, totally would!

I’ve given you a sneak peak at my Underworld gods of the Key to the Cursed series. Soul Reborn (available), Soul Awakened (coming soon 2012), Soul Unleashed (2012) I’d like to take a moment to introduce to my heroes and heroines.  Key to the Cursed Series:  Three sisters and their fated mates on a journey of love, redemption and war.
SOUL REBORN—Meet Asar and Lilly.

Asar, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, has been tortured and left soulless by a malevolent goddess, relegating him to consume the very thing he was commissioned to protect. Human souls. Now an empty shell of hatred, Asar vows to kill the goddess and anyone involved in her release, but fate crosses his path with a beautiful blonde huntress who has a soul too sweet to ignore.

Lilly, fearless commander of the Nehebkau huntresses, is the only thing standing in the way of the goddess' undead army unleashing hell on earth.  But Lilly has a secret—one she is willing to sell her soul to keep. If the Underworld god discovers her role in the dig that released the goddess, she will lose everything, including his heart.
Book Trailer:
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SOUL AWAKENED—Meet Bakari, Kendra and Bomani (Arrive Spring 2012).

Kendra, a young Egyptian Archeologist and demi-god in waiting, is the key to unlocking Bakari, the Egyptian death god, from his cursed eternal sleep, but by doing so she inadvertently binds herself to him changing her life forever. She may have to sacrifice her innocence and possibly her soul to save him before he becomes his family's worst enemy.

Bakari awakens to a world at war and a woman who has tethered his soul to hers. Kendra is his only hope at redemption, but the question is, does he want it? The only thing standing in his way is Bomani, Legion Commander, who vows to keep him from the one thing he craves—his parvana, his butterfly.

SOUL UNLEASHED—Meet Kamen and Kit


Kit, a Nehebkau huntress, wants nothing to do with her heritage as a god, when it has only caused her suffering and pain. Not to mention her nanny is a foreboding and dangerous God of the Underworld, who tests her conviction.
Kamen has sworn to protect the Mother Goddess’ offspring, but Kit is a handful. Her insistence on thwarting him tests his control. She doesn’t know what she’s playing with— a beast that hungers for her soul. One taste, and her fate is sealed.

What is one of your most favorite pieces that you have done for yourself? If it’s something personal and you don’t want to show it, can you tell us about it?

I’ve had so much fun writing the Key to the Cursed series.  I like to write complex themes that really reach into the readers’ soul along with the characters.  I want you to feel their pain, their joy, and their undying love for each other.  And Key to the Cursed is not just a story, it’s really a journey with underlying themes—love, forgiveness, redemption. The story of the three sisters, Lilly, Kit & Kendra, is a touching one.  They have struggled with loss of their father and world at the brink of war.  The sisters draw strength from one another when life just isn’t playing fair. Everyone has their secrets and my characters are no exception.

Another reason I love this series, is that the secondary characters are rich and endearing.  They’re not just wall decorations. They really do support the hero and heroine in every way—emotionally, physically.    

Find me here:
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Now on to the good stuff!  Jean has graciously offered to give Soul Reborn in E-book format to the lucky winner!!! TRUST ME, YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK!! If you can't wait to read it, then please, use the links above to snag your copy now from the retailer links! 

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DeeLuLu said...

Hope I win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!
mailing address available upon request

Anonymous said...

Okay - I loved ALL your answers, but this was my favorite: Jean: My dream sports car-- Silver Ferrari. Whoever says sedan or minivan should be slapped.

My license plates say: NOTAVAN

Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to take a moment to say hello and thank the goddesses for having me over for some fun.

Hi DeeLuLu. And Rebecca, love your plates. Might need to get those.

Jean Murray

Steelerlady2379 said...

I do hope I win, I am now looking for my next series to read. I am half way through a really good series now, and its time for me to find my next one. Thanks Jean for offering this giveaway.

Anonymous said...


Hello fellow Steeler's Fan. Good to see you here. I hope you will give Key to the Cursed series a try.


sheryl said...

I am always on the lookout for a great new series and I have put this on my TBR list. Great interview and thanks for the Buckeyes receipe.

Anonymous said...


So glad you joined us. Hopefully, the Key to the Cursed series will be the perfect match for you. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

*yadkny* said...

I seriously have got to read Soul Reborn... it sounds like a fantastic read and thank for the great character inspiration pics!!! I'm definitely trying that Buckeye's recipe too:)

The Bakin_Goddesses said...

Yadkny! Yes, you SERIOUSLY need to read Soul Reborn! It totally took me by surprise. I am so ready for book 2 to come out!!! Not to mention that Jean is awesome! She's so sweet to work with!
Sheryl -- This should go to the TOP of your TBR list! It really will take you by surprise! It is the BEST book!
Steelerlady -- This HAS to be your next series! It's a book you CAN'T put down! No kidding!
Rebecca -- Seriously, isn't Jean funny? I enjoy her so much! Becoming her friend has been such a joy!
DeeLuLu -- Good luck Doll! We didn't mean to intrude on privacy, we just wanted to make sure that when our Bakin_Goddesses bookmarks come in we can mail them out to all who entered to say thanks!

Thank you for all the comments! And we will have a surprise coming soon with the Key to The Cursed Series! Shauni, Joan and I are working on something GREAT! Stay tuned Goddesses!


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Hi Yadkny.

I think you will really like Soul Reborn. Yes, its dark, and don't let my revens scare you. It's all about love and second chances.

Thank you so much for joining us!


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You are so sweet, girl! I really do appreciate your support. I've seen your blog grow and it is just fantastic. Love it!

Yes, more to come with Soul Awakened. Can't wait!!

Your friend,


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I just want the guy in the photo!! ha ha ha I am here!!

Anonymous said...

Krafty Max,
I love that picture. They couldn't cut off that photo any lower. LOL. He is just so nice, isn't he. Thanks for checking in. I love your designs.


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